Grand Prix 1946

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V Grand Prix de Nice . 22 April 1946 forix.autosport

Tazio Nuvolari leading Raymond Sommers in the 1946 Marseille GP

May, 1946; Indianapolis 500 (practice) ,Duke Nalon, Achille Varzi, Gigi Villoresi ,Scuderia Milan Maseratis 4CL 1573 & 1568 ,Maserati 8CL 3035

It was the first Indy 500 after the war. During the war Indianapolis remained closed, until one day racing star Wilbur Shaw went there to make a promotional film. The Indy 500 winner of 1939-40 found that the track was becoming overgrown and the wooden grandstands were falling down. He vowed to do something about it and sought out Eddie Rickenbacker to worry about the Speedway. Shaw organized the sale of the track in November 1945 to Tony Hulman for US$700,000 and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway remains in the Hulman family to this day. A hard work was done to have Indy 500 on 30th of May 1946 .Thousands of old boards were replaced and thousands of gallons of paint were applied to give the old place a new face. A new grandstand was built where the Tower Terrace seats are today. This time for Indy 500 many European cars were entered, approximately 10 of them were Maseratis. Scuderia Milan had three of them. Two 4CL were given to Nalon and Varzi while a potential winner 8CL was entrusted to Villoresi. During one of the qualifications that were held over 8 days the engine on Varzi's car blew up. So only two Milan's car remained. And they had poor qualifications too - Nalon was only 32th and the best that Villoresi managed to show was 28th average speed. In the race Nalon had to retire after 45 laps while Villoresi had to do too many pit stops which probably costed him a victory as all fastest cars suffered from various problems and the race was won by outsider George Robson, who had never won a major auto race. And inspite of all his troubles Villoresi finished the five-hour race in 7th position that wasn't bad result after all.
1946.06.09 I Coupe Rene le Begue, St.Cloud . v8blog . stcloud-10p.pdf

14/07/1946; GP Albi

1946.07.21 /Nations GP /Geneva/

I Circuit des Trois Villes . 25 August 1946 - Marc-en-Baroeul ,PAT Garland ,Delage 3L

01/09/1946; III Gran Premio del Valentino ,Circuito di Torino

Dioscoride Lanza was a little-known pre-war Italian voiturette driver who had some links with Naphtra Course. In the time of that race he was the owner of a 4CL (chassis 1564). The race itself was very interesting as it was the first of three 1946 races (the others were races in Milan and Bois de Boulogne) that were run under the Formule Internationale rules (1.5L s/c and 4.5L u/s) which officially came into force in 1947 and later (since 1948) would be known as Formule Internationale I or simply Formula 1. In the race Dioscoride started from the last row and managed to finish in the last, 9th, position, 10 laps behind the Achille Varzi in Alfa Romeo 158 who won that Grand Prix in a struggle with Jean-Pierre Wimille in the same car.
27/10/1946; Gran Premio de Penya Rhin ,Barcelona, Pedralbes

this 1946 Penya Rhin Grand Prix at Pedralbes became the first race on Spanish soil after the war.

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