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The origins of the brand Alta, created by Geoffrey Taylor, back in the late 20s. The first car was built during the next decade and in 1937, Alta racers Category cart. By 1945, the project to build a car Grand Prix, but the team's resources are very limited and the car did not start until 1948. Two other cars will be launched in 1949 and again in 1950.
The Alta Car and Engineering Company had been started by the talented engineer Geoffrey Taylor. The company had produced its first road going sports car in 1929, powered by a 1074 cc DOHC 4-cylinder engine. As the engine had wet cylinder liners, versions that displaced 1.5 and 2 litres were possible from the same engine block. By 1934, Alta produced some off-set single seat cars that were alternatives to the ERAs of the time for competing in sprints and hill climbs. With the advent of "Voiturette" racing in 1937, Taylor built a singleseater with independent suspension on all four corners and powered by a 2-litre engine. The car was bought by George Abecassis and raced in Britain with some success.
Difficulties acquiring necessary materials immediately following the war meant that the new Alta GP did not appear until 1948. The new GP was powered by a 1.5-litre DOHC 4-cylinder engine with a Roots-type supercharger producing 230 horsepower. The car had a ladder frame and independent suspension consisting of wishbones and rubber compression blocks. The first car, GP1, was sold to Abecassis, who raced it without much success in seven starts. The second car, GP2, was sold to amateur racer Crossley in early 1949. The GP3 was bought by Kelly in 1950 and it featured a two-stage supercharger.
The following year, Alta is releasing a new car, F2, thinner and shorter than its predecessor. The results were not there either, not up to the expectations of Taylor. He will try to build a new car with a 2.5 liter engine Godiva, but the finances of the team are at their worst, and the project was abandoned in the road. We would never see a race in Alta.
1946.06.15 /Gransden Lodge Trophy /Gransden Lodge /#40 /John Williams /Alta /Q-DNA / R-DNA
1946.06.15 /Gransden Lodge Trophy /Gransden Lodge /#41 /Charles Mortimer /Alta (53S) /Q- / R-5(ret)
1946.06.15 /Gransden Lodge Trophy /Gransden Lodge /#45 /George Abecassis /Alta /Q- / R-2
1946.07.21 /Nations GP /Geneva /#26 /George Abecassis /Alta /Q- / R-9(ret) ·  foto

1947.06.08 /Swiss GP /Bremgarten /#24 /Gordon Watson /Alta /Q- / R-(ret)
1947.08.09 /Ulster Trophy /Ballyclare /#14 /Gordon Watson /Alta(1939) /Q- / R-5(ret)
1947.08.21 /British Empire Trophy /Douglas /#2 /Geoff Crossley /Alta /Q- / R-13(ret)

1948.04.29 /Jersey Road Race /St. Helier /# /John Heath /Alta /Q- / R-17(ret)
1948.05.25 /British Empire Trophy /Douglas /# /George Abecassis /Alta GP1 /Q- / R-18(ret)
1948.08.07 /Zandvoort GP /Zandvoort /# /Gordon Watson /Alta /Q- / R-ns
1948.10.02 /British GP /Silverstone /#17 /Gordon Watson /Alta(1939) /Q- / R-19(ret) foto

1949.04.18 /Richmond Trophy /Goodwood /# /George Abecassis /Alta GP1 /Q- / R-6
1949.04.28 /Jersey Road Race /St. Helier /# /George Abecassis /Alta /Q- / R-15(ret)
1949.05.14 /British GP /Silverstone /# /George Abecassis /Alta /Q-12 / R-7
1949.05.26 /British Empire Trophy /Douglas /# /John Heath /Alta GP /Q- / R-10
1949.06.19 /Belgian GP /Spa-Francorchamps /# /Geoff Crossley /Alta GP2 /Q- / R-7
1949.07.17 /French GP /Reims /# /George Abecassis /Alta GP1 /Q- / R-14(ret)
1949.07.31 /Zandvoort GP /Zandvoort /# /Geoff Crossley /Alta GP2 /Q- / R-
1949.07.31 /Zandvoort GP /Zandvoort /# /George Abecassis /Alta GP1 /Q- / R-(ret)
1949.08.07 /ACF GP /St. Gaudens /# /John Heath /Alta /Q- / R-2
1949.08.20 /BRDC /Silverstone /# /Geoff Crossley /Alta GP2 /Q- / R-20
1949.08.20 /BRDC /Silverstone /# /Gordon Watson /Alta 69(F2) /Q- / R-14

1950.04.10 /Richmond Trophy /Goodwood /#33 /Gordon Watson /Alta F2 /Q-10 / R-9
1950.05.13 /Europe GP /Silverstone /#23 /Joe Kelly /Alta GP3 /Q-19 / R-13(ret)     foto
1950.05.13 /Europe GP /Silverstone /#24 /Geoff Crossley /Alta GP2 /Q-17 / R-16(ret)     foto
1950.06.15 /British Empire Trophy /Douglas /#9 /Gordon Watson /Alta F2 /Q-11 / R-10(ret)
1950.06.18 /Belgian GP /Spa-Francorchamps /#26 /Geoff Crossley /Alta GP2 /Q-12 / R-9
1950.07.09 /Jersey Road Race /St. Helier /#18 /Geoff Crossley /Alta GP2 /Q-17 / R-6     foto
1950.07.09 /Jersey Road Race /St. Helier /#19 /Joe Kelly /Alta GP3 /Q-9 / R-8
1950.08.12 /Ulster Trophy /Dundrod /#6 /Geoff Crossley /Alta GP2 /Q-8 / R-9(ret)     foto
1950.08.12 /Ulster Trophy /Dundrod /#8 /Joe Kelly /Alta GP3 /Q-5 / R-4
1950.08.26 /BRDC /Silverstone /#4 /Gordon Watson /Alta F2 /Q-13 / R-14
1950.08.26 /BRDC /Silverstone /#6 /Joe Kelly /Alta GP3 /Q-11 / R-(ret)
1950.09.30 /Goodwood Trophy /Goodwood /#10 /Gordon Watson /Alta F2 /Q-4 / R-13(ret)

1951.07.14 /British GP /#5 /Joe Kelly /Alta GP /Q-18 / R-15(ret)     foto

Gordon Watson

#14 Alta(1939) ??? Gordon Watson ,1947.08.09 /Ulster Trophy /Ballyclare ???

1948.10.02 /British GP /Silverstone /#17 /Gordon Watson /Alta(1939) /Q- / R-19(ret)

Alta GP1
George Abecassis 1948-
1488cc L4C, 1 2 st supercharger ,230 HP/7000, 650 kg, 4gears, Max.speed (245kph)

George Abecassis, Alta GP1                         (www.statsf1.com)

1949 french gp, George Abecassis, Alta GP1, dnf 17 laps gearbox

Alta GP2
Geoff Crossley 1949-

1950/05/13 Europe GP, Silverstoun, #24 Geoff Crossley, Alta GP2              (mclarenf-1.com)

1950.07.09 /Jersey Road Race /St. Helier /#18 /Geoff Crossley /Alta GP2 /Q-17 / R-6

1950/08/12, Ulster Trophy, Dundrod, #6 Geoff Crossley, Alta GP2

1950/05/13 Europe GP, Silverstoun, #24 Geoff Crossley, #23 Joe Kelly, Alta GP2, Alta GP3          (mclarenf-1.com)

Alta GP3
Joe Kelly 1950-
1490cc L4C, Two-stage supercharging ,250 HP/7000, 610 kg, Wheelbase 2565 mm, 4gears, Max.speed (250kph)

1950/05/13 Europe GP, Silverstoun, #23 Joe Kelly, Alta GP3              (mclarenf-1.com)

1950/05/13 Europe GP, Silverstoun, #23 Joe Kelly, Alta GP3

1951/07/14 British GP, Silverstoun, #5 Joe Kelly, Alta GP3

1951/07/14 British GP, Silverstoun, #5 Joe Kelly, Alta GP3

1951 Alta F2 ,1970cc L4, 150 hp at 5800 rpm, 630 kg , Wheelbase 2337 mm, 4gears
1952 Alta F2 ,1970cc L4, 150-160 HP/6000 rpm, 630 kg , Wheelbase 2337 mm, 4gears ,Max.speed (230kph)

1951 BRDC, Silverstoun, , Alta F2, #6,#8

#26              (www.statsf1.com)

1957 Australian GP, Caversham, Sydney Anderson, Alta F2              (8w.forix.com)

1962 at a round-the-houses race in Bunbury, Western Australia, after the nose and exhaust system were changed. It was still mechanically original.              (8w.forix.com)

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