Grand Prix 1935

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08/09/1935; XIII Gran Premio d'Italia, Monza ,Achille Varzi ,Auto Union B

This is left turn from the middle of the back straight to link to oval track's back straight. In 1935, Monza's layout was mainly very similar to present one's having chicanes at what we now know as Curva Grande (to be exact, just before main straight's end), Curva della Roggia and Variante Ascari. The only fundamental difference is that oval track was partly used.
1935 rosemeyer auto union b

Mercedes W25 [49 Mb] 4.07.2012
cockpits fix:

With dedication for a Bernd Rosemeyer and all drivers from 30's years of XX century.

physics: - JALNERVION
audio: - Luigi 70
wheels, steering wheel and driver (with helmets): - andreydriver
carshape: - Huunreh


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