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F1 2011
             2011 Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix

Round 16 , 16 October, 2011. Korean Auto Valley, Korea
Lap : 5.615km/3.489 miles | Offset : 0.195km
Race : 55 Laps - 308.630km/191.783 miles
Lap record: 1:35.585 (Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2011)
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• Several changes have been made to improve verges and kerbing around the circuit. The wall between T16 and T18 on the drivers’ right has been moved back in order to improve visibility through the corner.

Pitlane speed limits:
60km/h during practice,
100km/h during race

15 October 2011 - Ferrari 150° Italia - new front wing

Ferrari have brought a completely new front wing to Korea. It's understood it was initially being evaluated with 2012 in mind, but the team decided to run it on Fernando Alonso's car during qualifying and the race. There are many changes over the older version with most components (nosecone and wing pillars aside) radically different. The endplates (1) are very similar in style to the ones Red Bull introduced at Suzuka and no longer feature a secondary outside vertical fin. The main plane (2) is also reminiscent of the Red Bull with its middle slot (3), as is the large flap (4). The upper-deck flap (5), meanwhile, bears a similarity to the one found on the previous wing, introduced in Budapest back in July.

15 October 2011 - Sauber C30 - new front wing

In Korea, Sauber are using the new front wing they introduced in Japan last weekend (see bottom drawing). It features a new endplate (1) which is similar in style to Williams' solution. The attachment between the main profile and the end plate is also different with a curved section (2) whilst the profile and flap are much straighter (4) in style. The upper deck flaps (3) are completely different with a wider and more curved design, whilst the small outside fin found on the previous wing (see top drawing - 5) has been removed.

16 October 2011 - Toro Rosso STR6 - exhaust modifications

On Friday in Korea Toro Rosso again tried new Red Bull-style exhausts, with a straight exit to the side channel of the diffuser. However, the team ultimately decided to run the standard, side-blowing solution (inset) for qualifying and the race. The Faenza team also retained the new front wing they introduced at Suzuka.

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