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F1 2011
            2011 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix

Round 15 , 09 October, 2011. Suzuka, Japan
Lap : 5.807km/3.608 miles | Offset : 0.300km
Race : 53 Laps - 307.471km/191.062 miles
Lap record: 1:31.540 (Kimi Räikkönen, McLaren, 2005)

• No significant changes

Pitlane speed limits:
60km/h during practice,
100km/h during race

08 October 2011 - Red Bull RB7 - tyre warming strategy

Red Bull have devised a clever way to maintain tyre temperatures in the garage. The FIA long ago banned systems designed to do this by heating the inside of the wheel rim, as introduced by Toyota in Canada 2005. Since Belgium this year, however, Red Bull have been placing a small, pre-heated aluminium cylinder (right) inside all four brake ducts, an idea tested by Williams some years ago. The cylinder's primary function is to heat up the brake discs, but it also stops cold discs and callipers from robbing the blanketed tyres of valuable temperature. Just before the car leaves the garage mechanics wearing special gloves remove the rudimentary brake duct covers (left) and take out the cylinders.

09 October 2011 - McLaren MP4-26 - rear wing updates

At Suzuka McLaren introduced at least the fourth edition of the new DRS rear wing first seen at Silverstone. Compared the last update in Singapore, it has a more efficient DRS phase, with a greater reduction in drag, following the trend set by Red Bull and Ferrari.

09 October 2011 - Red Bull RB7 - front wing update

At Suzuka Red Bull introduced another new front wing with an endplate comprising only two pieces. Unfortunately Vettel destroyed his in his Friday morning practice crash and the team decided to run with the old wing (lower drawing) on both cars until new spares could be flown out from the factory, arriving by helicopter just 20 minutes before qualifying.

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