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F1 2011
               2011 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix
Round 9 , 10 July, 2011. Silverstone, Great Britain
Lap : 5.891km/3.666 miles | Offset : 0.105km | Race : 52 Laps - 306.227km(306.747km)/190.612 miles
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. new Pit, Paddock and Conference Complex
. The Silverstone Wing measures 360 metres in length
. The tallest part of the building measures 26 metres (above ground)
. The height of the 'Fin' measures 30 metres (above ground)
. Approximate floor space for ‘functional areas’: 41 garages

Lap record: 1:30.874 (Fernando Alonso, 2010, Ferrari)

    Silverstone 2011 by FCMG [17 MB] 4.07.2011

    Silverstone WING 2011 0.30 By: macci dESIGN

[878] 09 July 2011 - Mercedes MGP W02 - revised exhausts & diffuser

All weekend at Silverstone, Mercedes have been using this new, longer exhaust design (similar to that on the Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari and others), which was seen but never used at the last round in Valencia. It sees the team move away from the configuration they had been using since pre-season testing, with the exhaust exits further forward, in the middle of the sidepod. Also totally new is the rear diffuser, a large section of which is now protected by heat-resistant material in light of the revised exhaust layout.

[879] 09 July 2011 - Ferrari 150° Italia - revised exhaust layout

Ferrari introduced a new aero package for Great Britain, together with the new rear suspension layout previously tested in Friday's sessions in Canada and Valencia. On Friday at Silverstone Massa tried out this new exhaust layout, complete with longer sidepods featuring three vertical cooling gills to dissipate heat, and an extension on top of the new rear diffuser to improve airflow. Both cars run the updates on Saturday morning.

[880] 09 July 2011 - Ferrari 150° Italia - revised rear wing

As part of Ferrari's new aero package for Silverstone, Alonso tried out this new rear wing on Friday, featuring a new DRS control system. Gone is the hydraulic linkage inside a central pillar (main drawing), replaced instead by an electric motor (inset) as used by Red Bull, Renault, Force India and Toro Rosso. Both cars run the update on Saturday morning.

[881] 10 July 2011 - McLaren MP4-26 - revised rear wing

At Silverstone McLaren introduced a new rear wing that features a smaller chord for the flap, with the DRS activated by an electric motor like that used by Red Bull, Renault, Force India and - for Silverstone - Ferrari. However, a back-to-back comparison between the new and old designs on Jenson Button's car in practice convinced the team to drop the new version for qualifying and the race.

[882] 10 July 2011 - Williams FW33 - revised front wing

As well as using longer exhausts on both cars like Red Bull, Williams brought a new front wing to Silverstone which they used on both cars during qualifying and the race. Although the main profile is similar to the previous one, the endplates have been changed significantly for the British round.
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