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F1 2010
               2010 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix
Round 10 , 11 July, 2010. Silverstone, Great Britain
Lap : 5.891km/3.661 miles | Offset : 0.105km | Race : 52 Laps - 306.747km/190.612 miles
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• The circuit has been completely re-aligned between the former turns 9 and 16.
• Additional asphalt run-off areas have been added at turns 3, 10,11,12,13,14,15,16 and 18.
• A supplementary run-off area has been provided on the exit of turn 18.
• A two metre wide strip of artificial grass has been laid behind the kerbs on the exit of turns 7, 13, 15, 16 and 17.
• Higher kerb elements have been laid on the apex of turns 2, 3, 8,9,13 and 14.

Lap record: 1:18.739 (M Schumacher, 2004, Ferrari)

10 July 2010

Ferrari F10 - revised front wing

For the first time this season, Ferrari have introduced a double-flap solution on their front wing at Silverstone to increase downforce. The previous, single-flap solution can be seen in the top drawing and the new version in the bottom drawing. Of particular interest is the more sophisticated shape of the profiles, which rise up in the middle section of the wing (see red arrows in bottom drawing).

10 July 2010

Williams FW32 - low-blowing exhaust system

Previously only Nico Hulkenberg has used Williams' low-blowing exhaust (red arrow), but on Friday morning at Silverstone team mate Rubens Barrichello was also running the upgrade. It's quite similar to Ferrari's system, and is therefore less complicated than the ones used by Red Bull and McLaren. The FW32 also features new bodywork and engine cover for the British race.

10 July 2010

Red Bull RB6 - updated diffuser

At Silverstone Red Bull are again using the revised diffuser they introduced in Valencia. It's different to the previous incarnation (inset), featuring a pointed top section on the outer edge (1), similar to the McLaren, and a round shape (2) at the point where the vertical middle plate meets the top edge of the diffuser.

10 July 2010

McLaren MP4-25 - revised front wing

Although they dropped their blown diffuser for Silverstone, McLaren are using their new front wing. It features two main differences. The vertical splitter in the middle of the wing is new (top arrow). It is nearly level with the inner edge of the front tyres and is designed to improve the airflow directed to the inside of the tyres. The second change is the raised curved section under the splitter (bottom arrow), which acts as a skirt to improve the efficiency of the main profile.

10 July 2010

Red Bull RB6 - revised front wing

Red Bull introduced a heavily-revised front wing at Silverstone, though only Vettel got to qualify and race with it. A new camera position in the centre of the wing (1) helps produce more downforce there, allowing the team to reduce the main wing angle, hence cutting drag. The design also features a new flap adjustment (2), two vertical slots (previously one) in the endplates and a revised main profile. The overall effect of the changes is improved airflow to the leading edge of the sidepods, which in turn means the diffuser can work more efficiently and produce greater downforce.

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