Grand Prix 1950

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01 IV Gran Premio Extraordinario de Eva Duarte Peron FL Palermo, Buenos Aires 08.01.1950
02 III Gran Premio Internacional del General San Martin FL Mar del Plata 15.01.1950
03 IV Copa Accion de San Lorenzo FL Rosario 22.01.1950
04 XI Grand Prix de Pau F1 Pau 10.04.1950
05 II Richmond Trophy F1 Goodwood 10.04.1950
06 V Gran Premio di San Remo F1 Ospedaletti 16.04.1950
07 IV Grand Prix de Paris F1 Montlhery 30.04.1950
08 XI Grand Prix d'Europe F1 Silverstone 13.05.1950
09 XI Grand Prix de Monaco F1 Monte Carlo 21.05.1950
10 X Grosser Preis der Schweiz F1 Bremgarten 04.06.1950
11 XII British Empire Trophy F1 Douglas, Isle of Man 15.06.1950
12 XII Grote Prijs van Belgie F1 Spa-Francorchamps 18.06.1950
13 37th Grand Prix de l' A.C.F. F1 Reims-Gueux 02.07.1950
14 IV Gran Premio di Bari F1 Bari 09.07.1950
15 IV J.C.C. Jersey Road Race F1 St.Helier, Jersey 09.07.1950
16 XII Circuit de l'Albigeois F1 Albi 16.07.1950
17 I Grote Prijs van Nederland F1 Zandvoort 23.07.1950
18 III Grand Prix des Nations F1 Geneva 30.07.1950
19 I Nottingham Trophy F1 Gamston 07.08.1950
20 IV Ulster Trophy F1 Dundrod 12.08.1950
21 XIX Circuito di Pescara F1 Pescara 15.08.1950
22 I Sheffield Telegraph Trophy F1 Gamston 19.08.1950
23 II BRDC International Trophy F1 Silverstone 26.08.1950
24 XXI Gran Premio d'Italia F1 Monza 03.09.1950
25 III Goodwood Trophy F1 Goodwood 30.09.1950
26 X Gran Premio Internacional Pena Rhin F1 Pedralbes 29.10.1950
27 Gran Premio de Parana FL Urquiza, Parana 12.11.1950
28 Gran Premio del Presidente Alessandri Palma FL Santiago 18.12.1950
00 1950 Indy 500 AAA Indianapolis 30.05.1950

Ferrari GP 1950 fotos
Ferrari 1950

Joe Fry 29.07.1950 во время второстепенной гонки в Блендфорд-Кемп, в Дорсете, проходя поворот на высокой скорости, потерял управление, разбил машину и погиб.
Raymond Sommer 10.09.1950 трасса Кадур, Тулуза, в одной из второстепенных гонок сезона в 500-кубовом классе, как считается, у его Cooper заклинило колесный подшипник, он разбил машину и погиб.

1950-05-07: Erlen F2, ?C-02?, Ferrari 166F2, #26 Luigi Villoresi, 1st
II Preis von Ostschweiz-Erlen ,Erlen, Near Bodensee, Switzerland ,Gigi Villoresi and Toni Ulmen ,Ferrari 166 and Veritas RS Spezial - BMW

Between 1948 and 1951, the village of Erlen, in Thurgau, Switzerland, not far from the Bodensee, hosted four meetings with races for cars and motorcycles. The motorcycle races started with international status, but the car races would not achieve this distinction until 1950. The initiators were the village head and the local druggist. They had planned to do something for 1949, but the cancellation of some other meeting prompted them to start one year earlier. Three motorcycle and three car races were held on August 8th, 1948. The organizing committee invested 5000 SF to prepare a short – less than 3 km-long - triangular circuit with vertices at Erlen Village, Riedt and Erlen Station. Two 45° right-handers and a 90° curve connected the three sides of the triangle each containing an all-out swerve. Start and finish were set on the main straight between Erlen Village and Riedt, which was very narrow at about 7.5 meters of width. The amateurish organization and the atmosphere of a provincial country fete might remind the onlooker of Chimay. In fact the Erlen meetings also soon became a darling of the international commentators, way above their technical significance, again very much like the Chimay races. All the local craftsmen were involved in preparing the circuit, while the shopkeepers, dealing mainly in food, were keen to see flocks of hungry spectators buying their merchandise. As a consequence, the organizing committee never lost popular support expressed by a kind of “very provincial enthusiasm” as Cimarosti noted rather sarcastically. In fact the whole idea of these meetings looks a bit preposterous today, “ausgefallen” as Cimarosti again puts it. Over fifty years later, the circuit is intact and a stroll around it gives a pleasant sight of the rolling Eastern Swiss countryside. As with many others improvised post WWII tracks one wonders today how it was possible to race on it without shedding the blood of the drivers and of the good Thurgovian spectators alike. Villoresi passed Ulmen on lap 4 and his tream mate Vallone on lap 9, cruising home to an easy victory. Vallone finished second at Gigi’s tail from driver from Dusseldorf Toni Ulmen who drove really well in a rather old Veritas sports car transformed in single-seater. It was called the “Großmutter” (Grandmother in English), and it was the first “official” Veritas car built in 1947/48. The conversion was made by the Rappold company at Wülfrath and it turned out that it was by far the most competitive German car of the season 1950.
1950-08-20: XIII Grosser Preis von Deutschland, F2, 36 Rene Bonnet, DB - Citroen (1947 D.B Monoplace)

Grand Prix du Salon - Montlhery, 1950

X Circuito del Garda 15/10/1950 - Ferrari 166 F2 - 1º Ascari
XIII Grosser Preis von Deutschland   20/8/1950 - Ferrari 166 F2 -1º Ascari

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