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F1 1948
1948 R.A.C. Grand Prix

R.A.C. Grand Prix
1st British Grand Prix
2 oktober, 1948. Silverstone, England
Lap : 5907 m | Race : 65 Laps - 383.955 km

3 miles 1180 yds
Driver Team car model chassi t

In 1948, the RAC International Grand Prix - otherwise known as the British Grand Prix - would be held at RAF Silverstone in Northamptonshire. The circuit was formed from the perimeter roads and the two runways that made up the now defunct WWII airfield. The circuit was marked out with ropes and straw bales and incredibly the arrangement of the circuit meant that cars would race towards each other head on down one of the runways before turning and rejoining the perimeter road! The race was won by Luigi Villoresi driving a Maserati.

1948 british gp - prince bira . maserati 4clt48 . 5th . reg parnell . maserati 4clt48 . dnf 0 laps. fuel tank . peter walker. era-b 11th




#16 Bob Gerard in an ERA R14B at Silverstone, England, in 1948.


#18 Luigi Villoresi (Maserati 4CLT/48)

#18 Luigi Villoresi in a Maserati 1948

#19 Prince Bira, Silverstone

#22 Geoffry Ansell gets on his side at Silverstone 1948. He was OK.

Luigi "Gigi" Villoresi

"Silverstone 1948" by Peter Swales

"Historic Start" by Michael Turner

"The Italian Job" by Nicholas Watts

"The Start of Silverstone" by Tony Smith
British Grand Prix 1948
RAC British Grand Prix Silverstone & B.A.R.C. Jersey Road Race 1948 (Antone)
This 78 record came from the same source as the Shelsley one mentioned before. Side 1 features the noise and action from the postwar GP meeting at Silverstone.


1948 silverstone - stirling moss (cooper 500-cc), father alfred moss

1948 silverstone - stirling moss (#5 cooper 500-cc) 1

1948 silverstone - stirling moss (#5 cooper 500-cc) 2

One-handed drift in a Cooper at Silverstone in 1948

Reg Phillips took an Austin 7 chassis and drive train, split the front axle to give independent suspension and fitted a Manx Norton engine at the front. The car, being named after Fairley Steels where he was Chairman. Reg finished 7th in the 1948 British Grand Prix meeting at Silverstone, a significant feat.

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