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F1 1948
1948 II JCC Jersey Road Race

II JCC Jersey Road Race
29 April, 1948. St Helier, England
Lap : 5150 m | Race : 55 Laps - 283,250 km

N Driver Team car model chassi t
1 Prince Bira Prive Maserati 4CL 1532 t 4
2 Luigi Villoresi Scuderia Ambrosiana Maserati 4CLT chassi t DNF
3 - - - - -
4 Raymond Mays ERA Ltd ERA D-Type chassi t DNF
5 - - - - -
6 Joe Ashmore ERA Ltd ERA A-Type chassi t DNF
7 Fred Ashmore Reg Parnell Racing ERA E-Type chassi t DNF
8 Reg Parnell Reg Parnell Racing Maserati 4CL 1569 t 3
9 David Hampshire Prive Delage 3000 chassi t DNF
10 Bob Gerard Bob Gerard Racing ERA B-Type R14B t 1
11 Cuth Harrison ERA Ltd ERA B-Type chassi t 13
12 John Bolster Prive ERA B-Type R5B t 6
14 Geoff Ansell Prive ERA B-Type chassi t 8
15 Bob Ansell Prive Maserati 4CL 1503 t 5
16 Roy Salvadori Prive Maserati 4CL 1521 t 7
17 - - - - -
18 - - - - -
19 Geoff Richardson Prive ERA A-Type Riley chassi t 11
20 Leslie Brooke Prive ERA B-Type R7B t DNF
21 Sam GILBY (Gilbey) Prive Maserati 6CM chassi t DNF
22 Anthony Baring Prive Maserati 6CM chassi t 12
23 George Abecassis Prive Maserati 6CM chassi t 2
24 John Heath Prive Alta . chassi t DNF
27 John Gordon Benett Prive Talbot Lago T26 SS chassi t 10
30 Bobbie Baird Prive Emeryson 56 Alta L4 chassi t DNF
- Robert (Bob) Cowell Prive Lagonda chassi t 9
- Tony Rolt Prive Alfa Romeo 6C chassi t DNS
- Barrie Woodall Prive Delage 3000 chassi t DNS

Tony Rolt was unable to start because of cracked valve seats.
Barry Woodall was unable to start because of a broken connecting rod

Roy Salvadori, Maserati 4CM, Jersey 1948
Roy Salvadori's ex-Farina and Teddy Rayson Maserati 4CM 1521 waits in the pits at Jersey in 1948
Firstly, a traffic scene on the day of the race. This old photo came in a batch that I bought a while back, featuring scenes from the 1948 Jersey International Road Race. This photo though shows not one racing car, but rather a large collection of road-going cars stuck in traffic, either going to, or leaving, the spectator parking areas. The chap on the pushbike maybe has the right idea, so long as it doesn't rain later. There is also a lad with an old bicycle pushing his faithful steed along the pavement, perhaps as a result of a puncture. The location has been identified as Victoria Avenue, part of the circuit.
There's quite a variety of elderly motorcars visible here. Easiest to spot is the Jersey registered Ford Model Y, with what looks like a Jaguar SS saloon, registration J 2655, alongside. Next to the Model Y is a 1930s Morris, and behind that a Ford Model A, with an early 30s Vauxhall paying close attention to the Ford 8's rear bumper. Behind the Vauxhall is what looks like an E04A Anglia. In the lefthand line of cars is what seems to be a mini-convention of Morris 8 Series E owners, three examples of which can be seen in close formation. Can anyone identify the roadster on the extreme right of this photograph? Visible behind the Model A is what looks like the local fire appliance. The 1948 International Road Race was the second time that this event had been held, taking place on April 29th, 1948. The race consisted of 55 laps of a 3.2 mile long road course, totalling 176 miles in all. The race was won by Bob Gerard in his B-Type ERA, with George Abecassis finishing second, and Reg Parnell finishing in third. As well as old road cars, I've been interested in motorsport-related memorabilia for some time. In a small collection of motoring-related vinyl records I have, there is one, a '78' by Antone, that on side one features sounds from the Grand Prix at Silverstone, and on side two features sounds from the '48 BARC Jersey Int'l Road Race, the event that the spectators shown above were heading to.
Cars competing in Jersey, 1948 Along with the image shown above, came the following three photographs, showing two of the cars that competed in that year's event. Firstly, two views of Luigi Villoresi in a Maserati 4CLT, car number 2. He would start the race but retire after only 6 laps with gearbox problems. In the first photo, he is stationary in the paddock area, with the temporary pit 'garages' of Bob Gerard (ERA) and Reg Parnell (Delage) in the background. The second photo shows Villoresi driving by, sleeves rolled up, goggles and linen helmet in place

The third photograph shows, I believe, John Benett in a Talbot-Darracq, at speed during the race itself. He would finish the race in tenth position.

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