Grand Prix 1937

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Team Vintage Grand Prix Racing 1937
Список болидов в моде:
– Auto union type C
– Mercedes-Benz W125
– Alfa Romeo 12C 36
– Maserati 8CM
– E.R.A type B

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Monaco Grand Prix 1937

1937 Monaco, Alfa Romeos, #32,#18,#26

German Grand Prix on the Nurburgring, July 25, 1937: Shortly after the start, in the southern hairpin bend, the Mercedes-Benz W 125 formula racing cars of Hermann Lang (number 16) and Rudolf Caracciola (number 12), who was to win the race, were leading the field. Behind them Auto Union drivers Bernd Rosemeyer and Hans Peter Muller, followed by Manfred von Brauchitsch (runner-up), also driving a Mercedes-Benz W 125.

23/05/1937; XXVIII Targa Florio ,Parco della Favorita, Palermo ,Francesco Severi ,Maserati 6CM

In the photo Severi is racing the first Targa Florio run on the featureless circuit drawn in the Favorita Park, which he won. The Automobile Club di Palermo had moved the Targa, which was no longer connected with Vincenzo Florio, from the Madonie to downtown Palermo. Most of the immense holdings of the Florio family had been nationalized by the Fascist government, which only paid a few pennies in return. Vincenzo had resigned from the board of the local Auto Club and moved to Rome. He would return to Sicily only after the fall of the regime.


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