Grand Prix 1925

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1925; Presentation ,Monthlery ,Albert Guyot ,Guyot Speciale 2L

Before WWI Albert Guyot (1881-1947) was a Delage works driver, but he also drove for Rolland-Pilain and Sunbeam. Guyot was a regular at Indianapolis where he finished 4th in 1913 (Sunbeam), 3rd in 1914 (Delage) and 4th in 1919 with Wagner (Ballot). Duesenberg works driver in 1921, he finished sixth at both Indianapolis and the GP de l’ACF. He moved then to Rolland-Pilain with which he won the 1923 GP de San Sebastian. Then he became a builder of Specials. His second car is the Grand Prix car in the photo. It was designed by the engineer Cozette with Burt Mac Callum 6-cyl sleeveless valve supercharged engine. Destined to the 2L Grand Prix formula it finished fourth at the GP de l’ACF then retired at Monza. It is still in existence today. The last Guyot’s racing cars are the four 1.5L 6-cyl. built for Indianapolis 1926.
Guyot committed suicide in a spectacular fashion in 1947, when, after a Gargantuesque dinner with René Thomas and other motoring personalities drank a vial of cyanide in the restaurant toilet.


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