Grand Prix 1910

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March, 1910 , Ormond Beach, Daytona, Barney Oldfield ,Blitzen-Benz

The Blitzen-Benz, designed in 1909 by Max Wagner, had a 21.5L pushrod engine and 200 bhp at 1650 rpm and chain transmission, had evolved from the 1908 GP model. It set a series of speed records – driven by Héméry, Oldfield and Bob Burman - topped by 228.1 kph on the flying mile. A touring version was put into production in 1913, while three of the racing cars were built.
It's well known picture, but it's always describes as just Barney Oldfield in Blitzen Benz in Daytona in 1910. No more details. But there's well known fact that on March 16, 1910 Oldfield set world speed record in Blitzen Benz. But the car in the picture has starting number, which means that the event was race, not speed record attempt. But I found a couple of interesting articles in Massachusetts Institute of Technology dayly newspaper The Tech, which can be found at
Daytona, Fla., March 24.-Barney Oldfield reeled off some fast performances in the second day's races at the present auto meet here yesterday afternoon and with his Benz car broke the world's kilometre record in a time trial by covering the distance in 17 4-100s. The previous world's record was 17 76-100s. A kilometre is 3280 feet It inches. He failed, however, to improve his avorld's record mile of last week, when hlie did 27 33-100s. His time for the mile today was 28 2-5s.
Daytonia, Fla., March 25.-A 300-mile race for a trophy valued at $5,000 was the feature scheduled for yesterday's automlobile speed carnival on Daytonia beach. The race is free for all and the contestants include Barney Oldfield, David Bruce Brown, George Robertson, Ben Kerscher, and other drivers with stock cars.
So that was more than a week long speed event in Daytona with trials, record attempts and finally 300 mile race. I suppose the picture was taken during 300 mile race on March 25.


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